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Fin du mois – End of the month

I can’t believe it is November 30, and the end of NaBloPoMo – although in my mind, I kept thinking it was NaNoBloPoMo – National November Blog Posting Month. I am proud of myself that I did sign up in the first place and with a combination of the provided prompts and those from the FMS Photo A Day challenge, I was able to complete the month! (Except I realize that I forgot to list the daily posts on the log.)

Things that occurred to me today:

  1. Whoo hoo! I did it.  A good sense of accomplishment.
  2. It has been good to start writing again
  3. I have also really enjoyed the FMS Photo a day challenges more because of the opportunity to provide more of a narrative
  4. I do need to push myself to write more – still looking for my voice.
  5. I am going to sign up for December!

I appreciate anyone who has dropped by to have a peek and also discovered some new blogs to follow.



FMS Photo A Day – I Need To Do This

Give thanks.

With many American friends celebrating Thanksgiving this week, giving thanks has been on my mind. Not just thanks for the grand gifts and gestures, but of the little things that mean a lot, for thoughtfulness, for being a friend, for crossing my path. Life gets so busy that we are sometimes lucky to send off a quick text thank you.  However,  I am trying to be part of the movement of the return of snail mail of correspondence, and hopefully with a fountain pen or ink with some flair. It’s human nature for most to enjoy being acknowledged and appreciated, but did you know, it’s also good for the acknowledger/appreciator 🙂

…Simple gratitude is good for you. Among its benefits: lower blood pressure, strengthened immune systems, reduced loneliness, and measurably improved outlooks on life. Plus, people who practice gratitude “mindfully,” as the current psycho-argot has it, tend to pay things forward; they’re more compassionate to the people around them, generating all-around increased good will. – Glen Martin, The Science of Thanksgiving: Why Gratitude Really is Good for You



A selection of just some of the Thank You cards I have… Boxed cards and blank notebooks are hard to resist but I am trying  hard not to buy any more until I make a dent on my current stock.


“Professional” Blogger

Do you consider yourself a “professional” blogger? Why or why not? What does that mean to you?

At this point, I am honest enough to say, no. With all the starts and stops I have had since I first set this up, I would be kidding myself to even consider calling myself a blogger period.

Even with the term “professional”, with my definition, a resounding No.

A) I do not blog full time, and up until this challenge, I was not even writing regularly.

Would I like to one day? Yes. There is a part of me and my background (see previous post about that always wanted to write. However, in my last post, it has been been difficult to find my own voice and I know I have to polish up those rusty writing skills.

B) I do not make any money from this, nor am I sponsored in any way.

I am aware of the passive income that one can generate from having a popular blog from the placement of advertisements, commission based links,  or the supply of products to review and “create content” or, in my view, the “ultimate” – the sponsored experience and be paid for writing.

I have been lucky to have attended a few bloggers conferences. I found out about my first bloggers conference in 2011, TBEX, via a Travel Talk on Twitter chat – #TTOT and it happened to be held in my home town of Vancouver so it was easy to attend. It was a good opportunity to learn about what this whole blogging thing was about, and based around the wonderful topic of travel from its sessions and speakers. While I encountered some people I knew from around the city, I also had the opportunity to meet some tweeps (including a well known Squirrel) as well as new people from around the world who had come to Vancouver to attend the conference. For me, that was the best part – meeting new friends who I still keep in touch with to this day. It was a good sized conference for a beginner, with sessions that covered writing, photography, videos, pitching, and networking to name a few topics for the blogger, and on the flip side, sessions for tourism operators and PR people about how to work with bloggers and how to find the best voice for their brand.

However, I think the most important message for both audiences was and is,

You are not entitled to anything.

Just because you are a “Blogger”, doesn’t mean you are owed anything: a free trip, a free meal, or event a free drink. You have to earn it by writing well, telling a story, connecting with readers.  Same goes for the tourism operator: a blogger doesn’t owe your brand a good review, you will be earn it by the providing a great experience, service and also treating bloggers with respect.



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