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FMS Photo A Day – Cooking



My current go to quick comfort food:  Spaghetti aglio e olio or garlic and olive oil.  This time with yellow zucchini. With all this garlic, I am hoping to ward off cold and germs. #safefromvampires

#Kitchenconfession: I often use chopsticks to eat spaghetti. But really, considering where noodles supposedly originated from…

Day 4 – FMS Photo A Day – Can’t Live Without…

Many thoughts swirling in my head today but nothing concrete and today’s #NaBloPoMo prompt didn’t do it for me so I am going with another daily prompt.

Popcorn+jugToday’s FMS Photo A Day Prompt for Day  4 – Can’t live without…POPCORN! my snack of choice for almost my whole life. (I am also a big fan of corn too and love corny jokes.)

Toppings of choice:   Butter but sometimes olive oil in a mister

  • Butter, Parmesan  cheese (introduced to me by one of my eldest sister’s friends) and Cajun spices.
  • Bacon salt – sometimes with maple sugar for a bit of savoury sweet
  • Lime Citrus salt + finely ground black pepper
  • Olive Oil infused with garlic and rosemary

I have had my popcorn maker since I was 17 years old. A good ol’ Proctor Silex, when small appliances didn’t break down after 2 years. It has moved across the country with me to Montreal and back home to Vancouver.  Part of the reason why I have never “upgraded” to a fancy new model is nostalgia. Popcorn and iced tea was always on the menu when my best friend and I got together for our all night (and I mean all night) gab sessions through high school and university.

Do you have an all time favourite snack? Does it tie in with any special memories?


Monday. A word that often brings dread and loathing. It gets a bad rap.
I definitely have had my share of Monday dread as I am sure we all have, especially when not caffeinated enough.

However, I have found a reason to look forward to Mondays. Although I am unable to say exactly how I discovered it, I have dug around and can see that I have been participating in a fun (late) food lunch hour twitter chat since early spring of 2011.

#FNIchat  - the best and most delicious part of a Monday

#FNIchat – the best and most delicious part of a Monday

So what exactly is #FNIchat? It stands for Foodies Night In chat and originates in Cincinnati, Ohio every Monday at 4:-00 to 5:30  pm Eastern time, so 1::00 to 2:30 pm Pacific time. It is led by @CookingwithCaitlin. a trained chef (by a Chicago affiliate of Le Cordon Bleu), her sister Kelly, and crew.

Each week, food lovers gather on-line via twitter and have a fun hour and half or so to have chat about that week’s specific topic. It is often seasonal, e.g. summer cook outs, Thanksgiving, or can be a cooking technique or a course, and generally take two formats – fewer questions with more in-depth conversation about the topic, or a rapid fire/gut reaction response format. Both are fun, and provide a lot of learning and “favouriting” of tips and recipes to check out when there is more time.  Sometimes, there are some sponsored posts with prizes and coupons from that sponsor. So depending on the format, @FoodiesNiteIn tweets a question at regular intervals and you comment including the #FNIchat and reference to question number. Others may ask you a question or share your comment, and sometimes you can get a dialogue going, sometimes beyond the scheduled hour and half.

For me, that is actually the best part of #FNIchat.  I love the community around this weekly “meet up” and that is why I have been participating for over three years. I truly believe that social media mimics real life, and “like finds like” – you will gravitate towards those who share the same interests, views and humour – and the time spent on line together feels similar to hanging out with your friends in real life. Over three years, some of them feel like long time friends, sisters even!

Check out the FNIchat page or @FoodiesNiteIn  to find out what the upcoming topic is. Please say hello if you join in!

Do you participate in any weekly chats? Do you feel a sense of community with those you tweet with?



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