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FMS Photo A Day – Black


I was the child of a mother of an era that believed young girls should not wear black. And for a long while since she did pay for my wardrobe for a time, I did not have any black clothing save for a a pair of jeans, and a likely a pair of dress pants and skirt. It was fine as a trade off as I pretty much refused to wear pink until more recent times.

While this is a photo prompt, likely due to the fact that it is “Black Friday” in the USA, and now north of the border and across the oceans now.

A friend of mine nominated me to participate in a Black and White photo challenge.  Each day, I was to post a photo in black and white, and nominate a different person to participate each day for 5 days in a row.

I grew up seeing a few family albums in black and white, and I am sure, like many, re-discovered them when I saw Ansel Adams photographic prints.  I love colour and usually post my photos in full on and sometimes highlight the colour so it was a challenge to find photos that I had taken that would show as well, and in some cases perhaps even better, in black and white.

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FMSPhotoADay – Heck yes!

Not generally an expression I use but felt it after last week’s deluge which included 2 rainfall warnings, a wind warning, localized flooding (luckily not in my area and I am not on ground floor).

Sunshine is coming! Heck yes!

Looking west across the Lake where I walk which the 10 km walk started under those dark heavy black rain clouds. Happily, halfway through, we could see Sunshine is coming!!

Looking west across the Lake where I walk 10 km around, It started under those dark heavy black rain clouds. Happily, halfway through, we could see Sunshine is coming!!

Stunning autumn afternoon sunshine on the remaining leaves on a red maple with the sun's reflection on a top floor window.

Stunning autumn afternoon sunshine on the remaining leaves on a red maple against a bright blue sky, with the sun’s reflection on a top floor window.











The forecast for the week ahead is for sunshine, which means dry skies for Remembrance Day ceremonies on Tuesday the 11th so I hope that encourages people to go attend the ceremonies of remembrance in their communities. These sunny skies are going to accompanied by a polar chill (coming from Alaska, so don’t blame Canada 😉 ) which includes sub zero (°C or 32°F) overnight lows – very early for Vancouver’s usual temperate climes. But heck yes, we’ll take it!

FMS Photo A Day 7 – On the (park) floor

  1.  Woolly bear caterpillar that will turn into a Isabella Tiger Moth in the spring
  2. If a tree falls in the forest, does any one hear?
  3. A Banana slug… they actually can move quite quickly
  4. Autumn leaves scattered on the forest floor; loved the contrast of  these two greens

Spending time in the park every week has made me learn to appreciate all aspects of nature even more – I could always appreciate the pretty leaves, and enjoy my own humour of thinking, “Does anyone hear?” when I see a fallen log. However, it’s the appreciation for the creepy crawlies and slimy slitherers that really show me I have changed. Spending many minutes crouched down, taking many photos, trying to get the best angle of a slug of all things! Whodathunkit? Is it any wonder that it sometimes takes me more than two hours to get around the lake’s 10 km trail and often with my iPhone (4S) battery dying or dead. Thank goodness for car chargers.

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