Day 3 – Say Hello to the Neighbours

Day Three: Say Hello to the Neighbours/Neighbors

Part of what makes blogging such a rich experience are the relationships we develop with people from around the world. Those relationships only happen when we engage with one another… .

I do believe that if you are being your authentic self, social media does mimic life in that “like finds like” – you will find blogs and accounts that cover all the things you are interested in. In my case, Food: Bacon, recipes, ingredients, experiences; Drink: Whisk(e)y, Wine, Cocktails; Travel, Scotland, crime fiction, grammar,  bees, corvids, nature, sustainability, social good, life hacks, culture, Judaism, leadership, branding, graphic design, consumer goods packaging, business, social media (of course!), content,  news, media, old school letter writing, stationery…and the list that goes on.

So you have something in common with someone, start a conversation, i.e., comment on something you have read and hopefully the writer will reply. Maybe it’s just one comment and a reply, maybe it’s a conversation on a topic or better yet. over several topics. Over time. with certain people you click with, you may become one of the “regulars” that become part of daily or weekly interactions that one looks forward to. Maybe you connect over the one topic, but you may discover it could be several topics, or you may get introduced to something new. Then, if you are lucky and the planets align – perhaps there is a bloggers conference for the topic that brought you together, or holiday or work travel will provide an opportunity to meet in real life (if you are so inclined.)

So Hello Neighbours! and remember, put the SOCIAL back into SOCIAL MEDIA. It will make the experience much more fulfilling.

5 responses

  1. A great post for me! Social media is my Achilles heel. I don’t understand how it works and so I feel uneasy with it. But I suppose I could look on it in the same way as driving a car. I have no idea what’s going on under the bonnet but it gets me where I want to go. If I adopt the same attitude with social media then I could stop angst ing about the how and just enjoy what it brings me, ie connections with like-minded souls.

    1. I was a little late starting in social media so I did have some sense of trepidation about reaching out to the universe. Part of it was the timing of where I was at that point in my life, a little fragile and worn down. But I did it is small, comfortable bits, and as I reached out, it mostly gave back. Those instances when it wasn’t so friendly, it helped me develop a thicker skin which I am extremely thankful for. I often thought about my “e-maginary” friends like old school pen pals – getting to know each other in exchanges on blogs, twitter, or forums, and they can become ‘real’ friends over time. I’ve been lucky to meet up with a few, and I thinks it’s wonderful what fate made us cross paths in the first place.

  2. I have difficulties in commenting. Not that I don’t want to.. but since English is not my native language, sometimes I just don’t know what to say 🙂

    1. Amanda –
      Bravo to you for taking up an amazing challenge to blog in a non-native language! I can’t imagine… and I know that English is a tough language to learn since it borrows from other languages and rules are not always followed.

      I can only encourage you to continue, and perhaps as I mentioned above, maybe think of it as letter writing, getting to know people. When I was young, I had pen pals from all over the world as I liked to “explore” and I loved to help them practice their English. When I transferred to a job in Quebec, the French speaking province in Canada, I had very rusty first year uni French. It was intimidating. It felt lonely. One thing that helped me a lot was writing in MS Word with the language spell and grammar checker turned to French. It was disheartening at first to see all the red lines indicating all the mistakes. But I persisted and over time, there were fewer of them.

      So keep on Amanda, you are doing great!

      1. Thank you. I really appreciate it. You words inspired me to write more. When I was a teenager, I used to have a pen pal but we lost contact. You know, sometimes I missed having one. I missed the feeling when I hold an envelope with a foreign stamp on it 😀

        Thank you so much for inspiring me.

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